Company Profile

GrandTime Engineering (Builders) Ltd. for the Buildings Department approved register of contractor (registration number:MWC95 / 2010), the main works to provide comprehensive: professional waterproofing, leakage repair and building renovation work.

Our company possesses a well-equipped and professional team of engineers and technicians, while at the same time we are striving to search for all different kinds of high-quality materials to help achieve our service goal of providing ‘best-quality, low-cost but high-efficiency services’ to our valued customers. In addition, our company has ample resources to cope with the needs and requirements of different types of projects, so that the customers are surely guaranteed and promised that the projects are undertaken to their highest standard and most satisfaction.

In the aspect of customer profile, we serve a broad range of customers with overwhelmingly positive feedback, for instance : incorporated owners of different buildings, property management companies, government public departments, private organizations, charitable / religious groups, hotels, hospitals, schools and institutions, as well as residential, industrial and commercial buildings, etc.